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This is my first ever video so I don’t know why everything is slightly blurred but the words are still legible. You’ll just have to change the quality for a better view. If you know what happened please help me because I don’t know what’s going on. ;-;

Song: “The Villain I Appear to Be” composed by Connor Spiotto.

Original Video: (it’s really amazing)

Original Song:


Sometimes when I
Wanna run away and hide
When there’s no one on my side
And all my pride had disappeared

I take it off my mind
And leave it all behind
Nothin’ left to do but
Try to take the leap and follow through
And that’s exactly what I’ll do

I know to you I don’t seem very strong
But I assure you before you can find me I’m gone
So come on and catch me you’ve still got a chance…

But not for long
I’ll be rollin’ place to place
Won’t stop till I win the race
Although I may have crossed the line
No time to waste on you

I don’t plan on slowing
Down, no I’ll keep on going
Even if you think I’m in the wrong
Just know that

Although I may not think everything through
I don’t take back what I say or regret what I do
I know that some stay in line and they stick to the plan
But if you leave it to me I’ll do whatever I can ’cause

I know that’s what I’m here for
I don’t wanna wait around anymore
Even if you can’t see
The good inside me

I don’t have the time to tell you
Why I do the things that I do
Just please hold on and soon you’ll see
That I’m not the villain I appear to be

Movin’ along, no I won’t settle down
Until I’m locked behind bars or I’m kicked outta town
So you can keep on a runnin’ around and around
But you will never quite catch up to me!

And I know you think I’m crazy
But I hope that maybe
Now you’ll see why
I had to try!

Composition, Lyrics, Arrangement – Connor Spiotto
Vocals – Molly Pease
Piano – Connor Spiotto
Guitar – Brandon McGregor
Bass – Sean Riddle
Drum – Mekala Session
Trumpet – Evan Wendell
Trombone – Zekkeraya El-megharbel, Corey Hoeben
Alto Saxophone – Jesse Audelo
Tenor Saxophone – Nick Stahl
Flute, Baritone Saxophone – Tyler Cadena
Clarinet – Kimberly Dunning
Producer – Lucien Ye
Recording Engineer – Cooper Babbes, Lucien Ye
Mixing Engineer – Connor Spiotto

This song was originally made for “Diamond Jack” an animation by Rachel Kim and the composer of “The Villain I Appear to Be” is Connor Spiotto. I own nothing except the trashy fan art but the cool looking art at 1:15 is an image from the original video.

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Thanks to Potato Couch for sharing the video and lyrics on youtube.

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