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i did what i do best
forgot myself
got overdressed like everybody else
a glance and a half smile
black heels on the white tile
it took seven years for your path to realign
but i’ll still think of you
on the fifth of june
cause when i saw you i lost you all over again


doesn’t it feel good to be invisible
just like the way i used to be
have i been fading away?
yeah i’m so gone

and i can feel your stare like dynamite
breaking silence with irish goodbyes
but i’m not who you remember
just who do you remember?
since you stole it all away
you stole it all away

you need a change of pace without my ghost
but you’re better off when i go
a painful anecdote sure to stunt your growth
you’re better off when I’m gone

theres no way back
shapeshifter you’re never gonna get the girl
theres no way back
shapeshifter you’re never gonna change the world
theres no way back

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